Aligning As a Healer

Peace and blessings,

I’m excited that you have answered your call to be a healer. In our training, we align ourselves with the work of 19th & 20th Century African American midwife who was a healer and a pillar in the community.

The characteristics of an SMC Full Circle Doula are holistic and powerful.
Our characteristics include:
Honesty, humor, integrity, resourcefulness, strength, follow-through, courage, creativity, professionalism, hands-on, advocates, confidence, witnesses, mothering the mother, being a birth companion, protective, spiritual, clean, educator, a pillar in their community, cook/healthy food advocate, sets an example, dignified, a listener, acknowledges intuition/mother-wit, and so much more.
Refer to the documentary “Bringin in Da Spirit,” to remember the characteristics of the 20th-century African American midwife; and their qualities that we seek to emulate.

In love and light,
Mama Shafia

An SMC Full Circle Doula Birth Companion is to see themselves as a healer which makes you “Full Circle.”