SMC In-Person Doula Training

About the Training

This is a 4-day (32 hours) in-person doula training to earn your dual certification as a labor and postpartum doula.  This training is the first requirement to become certified as an SMC Full Circle Doula Companion. 

SMC continues to be the lead doula training program for improving Black infant and maternal outcomes in the US. Since 2002, SMC has trained over 2,600 people worldwide. Moreover, nearly 90% of trainees identify as African American/Black women and men, and persons of color.

Practice from Cultural Knowledge

Having a dual certification as a labor and postpartum doula is crucial to provide comprehensive care to help a pregnant person throughout the reproductive cycle. And learning labor and postpartum skills simultaneously makes it applicable to real-life experiences when working as a provisional doula.

Earn Your Dual Certification As Birth and Postpartum Doula

What You Will Learn

The 4-Day training is packed full of learning, sharing, receiving, and creating friendships. Using the legacy of the African American midwife we demonstrated how pregnancy support reduces premature births and how postpartum care prevents maternal exhaustion in the postpartum experience, by using resources, hands-on and culturally competent care.

Unique Topics Include And Extend Beyond

  • African birth traditions and postpartum rituals
  • Public health in maternal and infant health
  • Reducing maternal morbidity
  • Improving birth outcomes
  • Causes of maternal mortality
  • The legacy of the 20th century African American midwife
  • Supporting fatherhood/partners and family
  • Belly binding and wrapping
  • Postpartum baths
  • Herbs and nutrition
  • Medical terminology
  • SMC Doula Scope of Care
  • Advocacy and empowerment
  • Systemic Racism in perinatal care
  • Professionalism and leadership

Evidenced Based Curriculum

The training manual is required to help you meet your certification and achieve the goals of the SMC Full Circle Doula Birth Companion training program. A substantial portion of discussion topics, answers to the homework assignments, and to the final quiz are in the training manual. The training manual provides standard operating procedures for Full Circle Doula Care. It also serves as an ongoing resource after your training ends, saving you time from having to search for information. Utilizing the manual as an on-going resource can help build your expertise and business as an SMC Full Circle Doula Birth Companion.