Certification Requirements

Birth and Postpartum

  • Attend three (3) births serving as a doula. These can be a homebirth, hospital birth, at a birth center or an un-assisted birth (if this is legal in your state). One (1) Caesarean birth may count towards the required births.
  • Attend three (3) postpartum The postpartum visit should preferably take place on the 3rd postpartum day, at minimum in the first week after the birth.

Book Reports

  • Submit five (5) book The length is 500-600 words. Use size 12 Times New Roman font.
  • Book Report Content: Explain what the book was about and how it has furthered your knowledge regarding the SMC Full Circle Doula Birth Companion
    • All book reports must come from the SMC Book List located in your packet, the website, and the SMC Full Circle Doula Birth Companion Facebook private group, under “Files” tab.

Audit Requirements

  • Audit four (4) hours of a natural childbirth or childbirth education class or
  • Audit two (2) hours of a breastfeeding/lactation class or

Additional Certifications

  • Obtain a CPR card for
  • Obtain a Food Handler’s Card, if this is required in your

Resource List

  • Create a Community Resource List with 25 total resources
    • Five (5) resources can be national
    • Twenty (20) must be local

SMC Doula Certification Packet

Submitting Certification Packet

  • Submit your packet as a unit with a certified check of $100.00 to Shafia Monroe Consulting
  • The SMC Client Evaluation Form (see page 368 in your Training Manual for an example) will need to be given to the client as part of your initial packet, along with with an envelope
  • Have the client fill out the SMC Client Evaluation Form and seal in the envelop for pickup by day 5
  • Include the unopened envelope as part of your certification packet to be mailed
  • Signatures are required only for evaluation forms and audit requirements.

SMC Certification

  • You will receive your SMC certification in the mail in 4-6
  • You will receive an email if your certification packet is incomplete and you are ineligible for

Certification Extension Request

  • You have 24 months to complete certification. You can request a 6-month extension for a fee of $50.00.

Re-certification Requirements

  • A certified doula must apply for recertification every 3 years for a fee of $100.00 (subject to change).