SMC Doula Philosophy

Philosophy of Care

SMC Full Circle Doula Birth Companions care about helping the pregnant woman, a new mother, her baby and her family. We are committed to providing heart-felt and comprehensive perinatal  doula care. SMC Full Circle Doula Philosophy of Care is based on the teachings of the 20th Century African American Midwife. We go back and fetch the historical evidence-based practices of empowering the mother, including the father and grandparents, acknowledging the family unit.

People who take our doula trainings, advanced trainings and certificate courses learn how one can:

  • Support and assist during labor and birth, using comfort measures such as: breathing, relaxation, massage, and positioning.
  • Provide physical, emotional, and informational support to women and their partners before, during and after labor and birth.
  • Value women led births and a mother’s intuition to birth in her best position. 
  • Help establish successful breastfeeding. 
  • Teach and promote bonding activities between newborn, mother and family. 
  • Function as an integral part of the Maternity Care Case Management Team. 
  • To be a leader for birth justice in their community. 

On average, SMC Doula attended births:

  • Prevent cesarean without consent
  • shorten labor
  • Reduction of epidural requests and analgesia use. 
  • Reduction in vacuum and forceps deliveries.
  • Improvement of the mother/infant bond.
  • Improved satisfaction with the partner after birth.
  • Highest breastfeeding success rate.

Who are SMC Full Circle Doulas?

An SMC Full Circle Doula is a person who cares about helping a pregnant woman, a new mother, her baby and her family. They commit meeting with a woman during her pregnancy to help her create her birth plan, and then uses labor support techniques to help her achieve the type of birth she desires. A SMC Full Circle Doula helps a woman during labor and delivery, and during the first weeks after the baby is born. The SMC Full Circle Doula® works with the midwife or doctor, as a member of her clients birthing team. Studies show that women who use doulas have less risk of cesarean section, a more positive birth experience, and are more likely to be able to successfully breastfeed their babies. Doulas are an important addition to the community health care team.

The moon, the sun, the earth all rotate, producing earthly peace, heat, and growth, and providing service to facilitate the smooth transition from the womb to the earth; serving pregnant women is in alignment with the universal rotation of harmony. – SMC Full Circle Doula Philosophy