The Perfect Training for the MPH


On June 8, 2022, Jada Ledbetter, MPH graduated as an SMC Provisional Full Circle Doula Birth Companion. During the virtual graduation ceremony, Jada encourages her fellow graduates, and shares why she chose to train as a doula.

Jada has always been passionate about maternal health and saving Black mothers and their babies. Throughout the ceremony, she explains how important is to connect with women on an individual level and that becoming an SMC Full Circle Doula Birth Companion will help her do this.

She says, that as an MPH becoming a doula is equally as important as doing the behind-the-scenes work.  “It’s good to be able to interact with women on the individual level… I plan to work as a doula alongside my full-time work.”, says Jada.

Jada Ledbetter’s final words to her cohort are to continue learning, to stay connected, and to ask for help as they chart the new territory of the doula profession.

SMC president, Shafia Monroe acknowledges how the combination of her doula certification and her MPH degree, provides her with the tools to create programs, that bring results for improving maternal and infant health and empowering Black women.

Taking this training can bring you to the next level in your passion for creating public health programs for better maternal and infant health. It is the next CEU for the MPH.

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