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Hello everyone! I'm Jazmon! Many people call me Jazzy and a host of other nick names. I love my name! I was born in Portland, OR, and moved to Michigan. I currently reside in Portland, OR with my husband and son. It's incredible how we all end up where we are now right? As a young girl I constantly had my little baby cousins on my hip and had/have a deep love for children. As I grew older, I became interested in working with children and families. I began working in childcare centers and received my Bachelor of Science in Child, Youth, and Family Studies from Portland State University in Portland, OR. I began working as a Prevention Specialist for child sex trafficking prevention supporting 7th graders with their academics, attendance, behavioral issues; and provided classroom presentations to hundreds of students on internet safety, healthy boundaries, consent, healthy relationships and more. I then became a mother to my beautiful son. It's amazing to see his personality coming out. He's the joy of my life! So, what brought me to pursue the calling of doula work? I had a hard time acclimating to motherhood after the birth of my son and experienced Postpartum depression and struggled as a new mom. Although I struggled, I reached out for help and now I'm doing so well! The second reason is I had a doula and because of her I felt empowered enough to ask my doctor questions which pushed me to ask for my induction date to be changed from two weeks before due date, to my baby's "due date". Long story short, my baby came on his said date. I really believe that without my doula I would have accepted an induction when my child wasn't ready to come out and potentially could have led to an unnecessary c-section. Because of these experiences I want to provide full circle love, care and support to birthing people in hopes that you all will birth without fear and more confidence, know your rights, but also experience the best postpartum care experience! Thanks for your time, Jazmon Bradley.


I'm fresh out of the Shafia Monroe Full Circle Doula Companion late-spring 2021 training! I'm overwhelmed with the amount of valuable information I've learned. I am a newbie with no prior experience providing doula support, but I do know what it's like to give birth and with tools that I've learned I'm excited to build my expertise!

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