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    Posted by Chloe Anderson on August 30, 2023 at 9:37 am

    It can be alarming when a mom contacts me regarding her milk production and the baby’s weight gain. I would ask her about how often she is feeding and to gauge if the baby is getting full. I would advise her to contact the doctor’s office for an official assessment, right away. I would tell her which teas and foods to eat that would increase milk production. I have been known to purchase them and drop them off myself if needed. I would connect her with a Lactation Consultant for training. She could possibly be assisted by WIC.

    Black women have low initiation and duration rates for breast feeding. It’s not knowledgeable in our community. It’s common for mom’s not to have anyone in their circle to mentor them. History had it when we were breastfeeding our babies and the slave master’s baby. If the mom passed away during labor or the child was separated from the mom after birth, the child was introduced to a wet-nurse. This was normal for the baby to still be nourished by breastmilk. If a wet-nurse wasn’t available to substitute mom, the child suffered with malnutrition.

    Now, it has become a status symbol to not have to breastfeed a baby, even when you can. Baby formula can be purchased and mom can “conveniently” feed the baby while drying up her milk. Or she can have dad or the other support person feed the baby. The benefits of breastmilk have been downplayed.

    It however, protects the baby from illnesses, viruses, diabetes, and brain development defects. The baby’s immunity system is stronger. The bond with mom is better. It reduces the chances of mom getting breast cancer. It helps with the mom’s weight loss. Formula was never intended for daily use. It was intended for extreme emergencies. Practiced capitalism caused formula to be promoted as a daily supplement at the forsaken priority of our babies thriving and development.

    All of this will be explained to mom to give her a better perspective on why this is so important and so difficult to master or receive assistance. Hopefully, I would have had the opportunity to educate mom prior to the baby’s birth so mini crisis’ can be avoided.

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