Guest Speaker and Instructor Topics

Instructor Topics

Yoga Instructor

Teach Yoga and create healing energy for the student doula, incorporating music, movement and meditation. The students will have questions and answer. Teach the benefits of increasing energy, massaging internal organs, and using breath and sound through various yoga techniques.


Proper latch-on techniques will be demonstrated, the effects of bottle-feeding, the health benefits of breastfeeding for both mother and baby. Review breastfeeding basics and barriers, anatomy and physiology, position and latch, the importance of relationship-building breastfeeding within the first three days, 1st hour after birth, the role of the birth doula, continuation, how breastfeeding evolves In the early weeks, the role of the postpartum doula, common breastfeeding challenges, role of the postpartum doulas, resources for mom and family and how the SMC Full Circle Doula is both the birth and postpartum doula regarding initial breastfeeding support and/or introduction. Allow time for question and answer. 

Labor, Birth and Postpartum

Help prepare trainees by teaching, reviewing, and implementing Skills for Stalled & Hard Labors; Preparing for Home, Birthing Center and Hospital Birth, Working with Hospital Staff & Home Birth Midwives, Advocating Using the Birth, Vision/Birth Plan, Avoiding Fetal Distress and Birth Trauma, Caesarean Births & VBACS, Helping Family Welcome the New Baby, Placenta Delivery & Rituals and more using hands-on, lecture and group participatory methods.

Healthy Preconception and Pregnancy Segment

Help prepare trainees by teaching and reviewing Signs of Pregnancy, Common Discomforts of Pregnancy, and Comfort Measures using hands-on, lecture, and/or group participatory methods.

Guest Speaker Topics

Pregnant Woman

Share your pregnancy experience followed by a question and answer period. Express how you are feeling, and what your needs are during this time of pregnancy. Share what kind of care you would like from your partner, family, and friends while pregnant. The students will offer you a prenatal massage and offer you some prenatal exercises including wrapping your uterus either through or under your clothing, this is all optional. Please Allow time for questions and answers.

New Mother and Baby

Share your birth experience followed by a question and answer period. Please discuss how you knew you were in labor, when you went to the hospital, who went with you how you coped with labor, and what you would have liked differently. Also, share how soon you got to hold your baby and tips on the cord clamping and first breastfeeding. Share what type of care you receive at home and what type you recommend when a mother gets home. Allow time for question and answer.

Business of Being a Doula

Share how you completed your certification, and how you contacted clients, and discuss the importance and utilization of legal forms, organizational tools, and contracts. Discuss your business or business plan, including the process of starting a business, self-promotion, charging fees and accepting payments, support systems, and networking. What you did well. What you learned. Steps for success as an entrepreneurial business of being a doula. Allow time for question and answer.