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Training Delivery

Online with live Zoom sessions every Thursday from 2PM – 6PM Pacific Time.


There is a need for Childbirth Educators that incorporate birth, spirituality, evidence-based information, self-image, newborn care, advocacy, movement, stress reduction and healthy postpartum recuperations to support healthy maternal and infant health in their teaching curriculum.  

With online learning, assignments, group interaction, and live zooms, participants will become confident in creating and training childbirth educator’s classes.
Learning Outcomes
The goal of the Childbirth Educator Certification Course is to certify persons who are proficient in demonstrating the core components for creating and teaching an effective community-based childbirth education class, that celebrates birth, and supports improved infant and maternal outcomes.
  • Participants will learn the benefits of childbirth education classes.
  • Participants will describe the adult learning principles.
  • Participants will demonstrate confidence in teaching.

Participants who complete the course will receive a Certificate of Completion. 

High School Diploma or Equivalent.

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Certified Childbirth Educator Course Interest

Certified Childbirth Educator Course Interest