SMC Doula Train the Trainer Program

A group image of SMC Certified Full Circle Doula Trainers and Trainees

Learn to facilitate the Four (4) SMC Doula Training Program

The objective of this course is to prepare you to train individuals to become SMC Certified Full Circle Doula Birth Companions in a group setting. This program is a web-based and in-person learning experience. As a result, participants develop effective presentation techniques at their own pace. So, if you have a busy schedule or just enjoy virtual platforms, then this program could be for you.

Through role-play, demonstrations, lectures, assessments, and evaluations, you will learn:

  • The history of the SMC FCDBCT program
  • How to teach from the revised training curriculum
  • Medicaid reimbursement regulations
  • The principles of effective delivery
  • Time management in group settings
  • Interpersonal communication
  • How to work with consultants
  • How to teach with audio/visual tools
  • Marketing and Engagement
  • Implementation of popular education
  • SMC FCDBC Scope of Practice
  • To utilize training evaluations and assessment tools
  • Curriculum Development
  • Business Development and networking

Benefits of Becoming A Certified SMC Doula Trainer

Program Format

A unique interdisciplinary 12-month program that includes:

  • Professional development in training
  • Learning through videos, readings, and reflective exercises
  • Interacting and posting in the SMC Full Circle Doula Birth Companions Facebook Group.
  • Two online coaching sessions to build self-awareness and personal effectiveness
  • Hands-on practice with Blood Pressure readings in public health
  • Up-to-date information to improve infant and maternal health
    SMC Cultural Competency Training overview
  • In-person 30-hour interactive session(s)

Program Eligibility and How to Apply

We are not currently accepting any new applications for this program at this time. To learn more, including eligibility and fees, or to receive a notification when application is available, click “I want to Learn More”.