SMC Full Circle Doula Trainings and Courses

Learn full circle knowledge and Black birth traditions to improve infant and maternal health.

Doula Trainings & Certificate Courses

Learn from certified, progressive and inspirational midwives and doulas from across the nation

Certified Childbirth Educator Course

Gain the education, skills, confidence, and resources necessary to provide women and their families with culturally competent perinatal education.

Online Doula Training & Certification Program

SMC Full Circle Doula Birth Companion Online Training is a four-week course for dual certification for labor and postpartum.

Practicing African American Postpartum Care

Advanced Training for doulas, postpartum doulas, birth workers and midwife students, midwives, MPH professionals, and health care professionals.

In-person Doula Training & Certification Program

Take our 4 day (32 hour) in-person doula training program to earn your dual certification for labor and postpartum.

Become A Member

Our membership community is here to support the goals of SMC Provisional and Certified Doulas, to connect pregnant women and families to the unique services of SMC Doulas and foster community on a deeper level.

We encourage birth workers, midwives, healers, and supporters of SMC Doulas, to join as a Community Member. By sharing knowledge, exchanging experiences, and establishing meaningful relationships, all members can expand their professional network in the field.

Access your courses and SMC Doula professional network anytime, anywhere.

SMC Doula Mobile App

The SMC Doula Network app revolutionizes your learning and networking experiences. Designed exclusively for learners, graduates, and members of the SMC Doula Network, our app provides a convenient platform to access your training courses and professional network right from your device.

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SMC Full Circle Doula Birth Companions graduate as pillars of their communities, practitioners of birth and postpartum traditions, experts in physiological birth, and entrepreneurs.